Innovative, low-cost, solar powered air purifying technology

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Air Cool offers a wide range of the most innovative low-cost solar powered air purifying solutions for poor families in Africa. Our flexible payment options enable even the poorest people living on less than $1.50 per day those in rural and peri-urban areas to access the products.

  • Solar powered air purifying and conditioning
    All our device have a built solar panel and battery that enables use even in areas without electricity especially in Africa where coverage is just 5%. Besides that all our systems are designed to also condition air.
  • Free amazing app
    The device can be controlled and used on a mobile app which means the user can control the device at the comfort of their android smart phone.
  • Extremely sensitive
    Has an inbuilt gas detector that senses dangerous gases fast before they can cause harm to the life of the user.
  • Oxidizes and absorbs fast
    Built with three chambers containing proprietory chemical mixtures that absorb and oxidize some of the most common gases and harmful particles harmful to human life and so protecting the user from indoor pollution and also from diseases like lung cancer and heart disease.

Application and device features

The Mpewo device is built with three removable chambers that absorb and oxidize harmful air particles in the environment, no filters, minimal noise. Besides that the user can decide to control it on his smart phone but can still use the controls on the device.

Installment Payment Scheme

This scheme is meant to empower people who live below the poverty line but are facing problems with indoor pollution. To be eligible you have to be a fully registered resident of a community we have established our center. Beneficiaries have the opportunity of paying for the device in installments paying less than a $0.5 per day, eventually acquiring the device in 6 months.


Pricing Table

High Quality and Affordable

Save 300%

Mpewo Household

UGX 280,000

  • Round-the-clock protection from indoor pollution for households
  • Solar powered
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Mobile app & USSD-enabled
  • Flexible payments plans

Save 15%

Save 60%

Mpewo Enterprise

UGX 4.2 m

  • Commercial Air purification for emergency relief organizations and governments
  • Aesthetics, durability & flexible
  • Serves tents up to 50 pax

Team Members

Meet the amazing proffessional team who make this work, vast experience and diverse backgrounds and all passionate about fighting pollution.

Charles Muhanguzi

Chief Executive Officer

Ashaba Richard

Sales Director

Scott Insenberg

Chief Technology Officer

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Contact us for orders or questions about our product, our dedicated team are willing to assist you.

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